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Mobile Shelving

High Density Office Storage

Mobile Shelving is the ideal office storage solution for your less active and archival filing requirements. It is important to give consideration to the likely activity rates to retrieve files. Our document management audit will help you to make the correct choices.


Floor space savings

Frequently at least half of the space can be saved, depending on the activity rates to retrieve files.

Electronic Version

Linking PowerPickOffice to your system will enable you to locate any file and provide up to the minute information regarding current and past file movements, forward reservations, and a synopsis of file content.


Mobile Shelving has the capability of accommodating all types of filing from A4 and foolscap to CD's, lever arch, disks, videos, cassettes, plans, hanging frames, etc.


Mobile systems can be made secure by locking units together and putting lockable doors on the outer most external doors. PIN access control is also an option in our electric systems.