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Power Pick Global

The Warehouse Management System for intra-logistic solutions

Power Pick Global navigates orders through the fulfillment process, providing all articles on-time for efficient picking: fast, accurate and easy. The modular design allows Power Pick Global the flexibility to meet any of your individual order fulfillment requirements. It can be applied to a wide variety of applications, from production to distribution to logistics, in many industries.

Increase your productivity!

Power Pick Global facilitates batch picking, allowing an operator to fill multiple orders at one time, increasing productivity significantly. Multi-user-picking provides the flexibility to easily add additional labour to further increase picking speeds when order volume is high. Optical indicators such as Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light direct the operator to the exact location of the pick, increasing accuracy and reducing the number of picking errors. Power Pick Global communicates with various peripheral devices such as bar code scanners, batch lights, LED or laser light pointers and printers.
Optimised Pick Processes – allow for fast access and enable parallel operation on orders, thus increasing picking efficiency.
Various optical indicators and simplified entry methods – result in reduced picking errors, increasing picking accuracy up to 99%.

Enhance your flexibility!

Power Pick Global offers you exactly those functionalities that you need – no more, no less! Additional optional modules and individual adjustments are at your disposal to enhance, support and optimise your warehouse management. Power Pick Global can be implemented as stand-alone solution or integrated into your IT-system via flexible interfaces.
• Modular structure and versatile options – enable adjustments to change requirements at any time and protect your investment.

Reduce your cost!

Power Pick Global can be used effectively in combination with Kardex Remstar dynamic storage and retrieval systems and/or other established storage facilities, e.g. shelving or pallet storage.
• Optimum use of storage space – up to 85% more storage space possible
Power Pick Global warehouse management software increases the efficiency of your storage facility