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The best of both worlds. The fusion of progress and tradition in storage technology

The Megamat RS is an automated vertical carousel using the paternoster principle. It uses the “goods to person” concept for items with a high picking frequency – especially suitable for frequently accessed goods.

Megamat RS 180

Efficient storage and fast retrieval of lightweight loads

The Megamat RS 180 is mostly suitable for the orderly storage and picking of textiles or small parts in containers – for instance in the hotel and medical sectors, in vehicle manufacturing and mechanical engineering, and in the electronics industry.

Megamat RS 350

Ideal for medium-sized loads

The Megamat RS 350 is the perfect solution for storing and retrieving components, tools and spare parts. Among the wide range of possible applications, each carrier can be loaded with up to 350 kg.

Megamat RS 650

For heavy loads of up to 650 kg per carrier

The Megamat RS 650 can be used in a variety of different areas. For instance, it can be integrated in the production process in a number of ways – either as an interim storage solution for semi-finished products or as a storage buffer during drying phases

Innovation at your Fingertips

This machine based control center brings major improvements in ergonomics and usability of Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems.

Increase your productivity!

Enhance and optimize your warehouse, optimize pick processes, reduce costs and increase productivity significantly. Power Pick Global warehouse management software increases the efficiency of your storage facility: for a secure investment, now and in the future.

Best-possible protection for man, machine and stored goods

Thanks to the protection equipment fitted as standard in the access opening of the storage system, such as the safety light curtain, the operator is optimally protected against accidents in the workplace. Stored goods can be secured against unauthorized access and theft with the help of the lockable smooth-running sliding door


Based on the way in which a paternoster works, the Megamat RS is an automated vertical carousel that provides quick and precise access to stored goods. The Megamat RS is especially suitable for frequently accessed goods, because it conveys the right carrier to the access opening via the shortest possible path. The design of the Megamat RS offers maximum storage space on a minimal footprint. This facilitates efficiently designed work processes and also significantly raises productivity. The Megamat RS can easily be installed as a freestanding vertical carousel or integrated into a building over several floors up to a height of ten meters with more than one access opening. Each Megamat RS can be used as a stand-alone solution or connected to a networked system, thereby ensuring supreme efficiency, flexibility and individuality. The Kardex Remstar Megamat RS is a secure investment in the future.

Energy-saving technology

Instead of recovering energy, avoid using it in the first place. Thanks to the perfect interaction between the electric motor, highly efficient transmission and precision-calibrated frequency converter, the Megamat RS now consumes up to 40 per cent less energy, thereby significantly cutting life cycle costs (TCO).