CEO's Message

Ziad Mortaja,
Ziad Mortaja
Chief Executive Officer, El-Ajou
As our nation progresses toward achieving its goals for the Saudi Vision 2030, we at El-Ajou are acutely aware of the opportunities that lie ahead. Our organisation is backed with a rich history of achievements and high-value projects, and we are committed to building on this legacy through agility, adaptability, and forward-thinking.

Over the years of our existence, we have truly valued the strong support we have received from our customers. This vital element has been instrumental in propelling us to our esteemed position in the Saudi market, ranking among the top 100 companies across the Kingdom.

As we grow and expand locally, regionally, and globally, we will continue to invest in innovation. The world is changing faster than ever, and it is imperative that we keep pace with and stay ahead of global trends and needs. Which is why, embracing modern solutions has been and will always be central to our strategy. As a result, we look forward to cementing our reputation as a community of individuals striving to make a positive impact across the nation and the world.