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Smart Spaces Solutions
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Smart Building Technologies

El-Ajou's Building Management System (BMS) integrates various building functions into a unified platform, enabling streamlined operations and intelligent management. By collecting and analyzing data on energy usage, environmental conditions, and equipment performance, the BMS empowers facility managers to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance building performance. Additionally, the BMS enables automation and remote access, facilitating responsive and sustainable building operations.

Smart Building Technologies
Building Management System
Building Management System

Coordinating various building functions through unified platforms for efficient and intelligent management.

HVAC System
HVAC System

Offering advanced and reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for regulating temperature and enhancing comfort.

Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System

Ensuring safety with top-notch fire alarm and detection solutions.

Access Control
Access Control

Enhancing security through advanced access control systems.

Smart Surveillance System
Surveillance System

Providing smart CCTV surveillance systems powered by Artificial Intelligence for enhanced safety and monitoring.

Parking Management System
Management System

Offering advanced parking management solutions to optimise space in parking lots for increased accommodation, convenience, and efficiency.

Lighting Control
Lighting Control

Efficiently managing energy consumption through state-of-the-art lighting fitted with motion sensors and more.

Public Address System
Address System

Facilitating effective communication within your building using advanced public address technology.

IPTV icon

Delivering cutting-edge IPTV solutions to enhance in-building entertainment and information distribution.

Digital Workflow Solutions
DWS Full Managed Print Services for Construction & Contracting  

Navigating construction management complexities demands efficiency. With a managed print solution, overseeing multiple builds becomes worry-free. Our experts remotely monitor printing supplies to prevent last-minute supply shortages. This proactive approach also aids in cost reduction, ensuring budgetary discipline. Additionally, DWS El-Ajou offers Print as a Service for short-term contracts, ensuring seamless print operations.

Multi Brand, Multi Product, Multi-Site Print Services

In a dynamic multi-site, multi-brand print fleet setting, DMS Print Services offers a seamless transition through a phased deployment or replacement strategy. Our comprehensive managed service encompasses the complete management of diverse print fleets and can seamlessly integrate with asset management and document-level security solutions. With DWS boasting 18 service locations, we ensure extensive coverage across the entire Kingdom, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency at every step.

  • Label Printers

  • Card Printers

  • MFPs

  • Wide Format Printing

Drone in Box for Construction & Contracting

Our cutting-edge drone-in-a-box systems offer autonomous flight capabilities, whether tethered or untethered, utilizing advanced autopilot technology. Easily deployable from our lightweight, portable ground stations, drones can be initiated using any edge device or autonomously launched based on predetermined schedules or triggered by ground-based sensors.

  • Technology is compatible with Milestone and Genetec Video Management Systems (VMS)
  • Drones are prepared to be deployed in under 60 seconds. Typical drones will fly up to 50 km/h

Drone operations are fully automated, from the airspace checks, to the automated takeoff, the drone flight, the landing and recharging procedures. The end-to-end operation is automated to reduce dependency on the end user.


System scan be deployed and operated through secure internet infrastructure. Through an online app, end-users can receive and share the video feed, upload missions and take control when necessary.


Systems are designed for the rugged environment - waterproof and wind-resistant, with internal heating and cooling systems to ensure that we can operate in the heat and snow.

Automated Asset Management for Construction & Contracting
  • Asset Management Solution Software

  • RFID and 2D supported Solution

  • Capability to conduct audit process

  • Multilevel category should be support

  • User Access control based on role

  • Integration with ERP should be seamless

  • Depreciation details and reports is required

  • Ease of transferring assets between entities

  • Multiple entity and transfers between entity should be supported

  • Mobile can be used for audit, transfer and other basic needs

  • Hybrid model supporting both legacy assets and new RFID assets

  • Multi-level location structure

  • Different custom reports to be supported

  • Email notification feature is a must

  • Multi-level workflow approval

  • Inventory of non-assets can be managed

  • Multiple quantity asset and partial quantity disposal criteria to be handled

DWS Information Management Solutions for Construction & Contracting

Construction projects typically involve stakeholders categorized into five essential groups: clients, primary project personnel, subcontractors, advisors, suppliers, and pertinent organizations.

Numerous hierarchical structures can be conceptualized to manage these relationships, interconnecting stakeholders in diverse configurations.

Efficient management of construction information is paramount in any construction project, encompassing the organization and oversight of diverse documents and data to drive project success.

Construction documents, including contracts, drawings, specifications, schedules, and reports, are crucial for project success. However, managing them efficiently throughout the project's lifecycle can be challenging.

Ensuring version control
Managing multiple stakeholder
Handling large volumes of document
Maintaining security and confidentiality
Keeping up with evolving technology
Asset Management Lockers

Our electronic lockers provide intelligent storage and control for arrange of equipment, including laptops, handheld devices, medicines, and firearms. Offering solutions for access management, charging, and distribution, our lockers offer multiple avenues to efficiently control and optimize usage.

  • Control access to shared portable equipment
  • Support compliance and best practice
  • Identify who last had access to a specific item and retain auditable logs
  • Manage faulty equipment and repairs more effectively
  • Integrate intelligent lockers into existing access control platforms, HR database or third-party systems
Key Management Solution

Our premier solution is the go-to choice for securing and tracking physical keys, trusted by Defense & Security institutions worldwide. With our system, you have the power to dictate who can access it, which keys they can use, and for what duration. This comprehensive control is coupled with centralized oversight, offering visibility of all activities from any authorized device on your network. This heightened level of security extends to your facilities, vehicles, and operations, ensuring unparalleled protection. 

From managing facility keys to overseeing fleet vehicles, secure areas, armories, data racks, and visitor badges, our system provides total process control and auditing capabilities tailored to meet your stringent access protocols.

Managed Print Services (Peripherals & Services)
Tracking & Smart Management
Information Management & MDS
Security & Control