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Smart Spaces Solutions
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Digital Workflow Solutions
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Education Sector

Through our modern approach, we revolutionise the way teaching and learning takes place. By embracing the potential of technology to create dynamic and interactive learning environments, we are redefining classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, and assessment methods.

Smart Learning Solutions
Virtual Practical Training
Virtual Practical Training

Offering practical and hands-on training through virtual sessions, enabling immersive learning experiences that mimic real-world scenarios.

Smart Classrooms
Smart Classrooms

Utilising technology such as smart boards to create interactive and engaging learning environments.

Smart Assessment Solutions
Smart Assessment Solutions

Implementing digital solutions such as OMR readers for more efficient and data-driven assessments.

Smart Computer Labs
Smart Computer Labs

Creating technology-rich spaces, and offering the most advanced laptops practical and efficient understanding of computer science.

Smart Lecture Halls
Smart Lecture Halls

Enhancing traditional lecture spaces with interactive technology for more engaging learning.

Smart Laboratories
Smart Laboratories

Equipping labs with advanced tools and equipment to enhance hands-on learning experiences.

Smart Language Labs
Smart Language Labs

Using modern solutions to expedite the learning of new languages and improve communication skills.

Digital Workflow Solutions
Full Managed Print Services for Education

In today's education sector, budget constraints demand resourceful cost-saving measures, including tighter expense control and reduced resources for extracurricular activities and academic supplies. Managed Print Services (MPS) stands out as a vital solution to alleviate financial pressure, optimizing print management and maximizing resources.

El-Ajou provides the followingManaged Print Service Benefits for Education
  • Cost Savings & Control
  • Custom Print Solutions integrated with Self-services
  • All Maintenance & Supplies Included
  • Regain Control of Print Environment
  • Establishing Student Print Services
  • Inhouse Production PrintServices
Full Managed Print Services –Exam Management

El-Ajou offers a comprehensive End-to-End Workflow for Exam Printing & Processing, covering every aspect from exam creation to printing, packaging, and dispatching, as well as marking, reporting, and archiving.

  • Fully automated processing
  • Customizable conditional workflows
  • Support for distributed systems
  • Visual exam booklet & answer sheet designs
  • Single platform for all processes
  • Realtime tracking dash boards
  • Advanced post & pre processing functions
  • Printing & Packaging hardware independent
  • Audit & Review & approval processes
  • Multi-Channel distribution
  • Integration with packaging systems
Digital Document Accessibility Solutions and Services for Education Sector

The DWS Accessibility platform revolutionizes the management of educational course materials by automating the discovery, testing, fixing, and maintenance processes crucial for student learning. It scans public websites or content stores, identifies documents, evaluates them against WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) checkpoints, provides ongoing result reports, and directs inaccessible files to automated or manual remediation workflows.

Immediate awareness of what course materials are accessible vs those that require remediation

Detailed testing results at the page and document section-level, speeding authors’ efforts to make their content accessible and useable to students that rely onscreen readers

Optional capabilities to bulk-remediate files in an automated way, or to route files for internal or external manual remediation services which return the fixed files under specific SLA’s

Student accommodation for specific alternative format such as braille, audio and large print for course materials and text books

Fixed Asset Management for Education Sector

Ensure complete control and visibility for all fixed assets and compliance with  audit guidelines. Track expenditure and calculate depreciation for all capital assets. Track assets over their full life cycle from acquisition to disposal and attach important records such as warranties.


Track and maintain all assets and equipment across multiple locations. Record scheduled and reactive maintenance, receive automated alerts and create work orders for jobs. Schedule and manage equipment loans using the easy calendar booking system

Information Technology

Track the location, status and history of all IT assets in real time whether inservice or in stores. Barcode/RFID tagging ensures that each asset is easily identifiable making audits quick and simple. Peripherals such as mice and keyboards can be batched together or linked to specific assets.


Asset Tagging, onboarding & Audit Asset Migration & integration services

  • Mobile app for all users (Android&iOS)
  • Hybrid Solution – Works with RFID, QR & Barcode
  • Works Independently without a handheld device
  • One system supporting different business needs
  • Multiple Image Capture
  • User license provides both web and app
  • Hierarchy structure for location, category, and department.
  • PO (Purchase Order) feature is enabled in the mobile app
  • 360 degrees photo of room/area
  • Product Attribute/Specifications
  • Audit specific location/structure including child
  • One-Click report download
Document Management for the Education Sector

DWS Information Management solutions empower schools and universities to streamline internal workflows, automate procedures, and ensure regulatory compliance while enhancing security measures. By implementing electronic document management throughout the student lifecycle—from enrollment and pastoral administration to attainment, qualifications, and alumni communications—institutions can improve efficiency, financial stability, and strategic planning.

Smart Classrooms
Student Portal and Dashboard

Offer a comprehensive interface where students and faculty members can share documents and collaborate on projects.Allow users to access and monitor valuable academic information.

Smart Classrooms
Faculty Management and HR

Recruit talented faculty members and ensure transparent tenure review. Empower your workforce with seamless collaboration and employee-centric decisions

Smart Classrooms
Financial Services and Accounting

Simplify internal accounting procedures and maintain costs within your budget. Streamline the workflow and reduce response time for financial services.

Smart Classrooms

Streamline student requests with electronic forms and ease up the admission process and approval service using digital solutions. Allow undergraduates and graduates to fill out the required information.

End to End Managed Document Services &
Solutions Profile for the Education Sector
Library Management Solution
Tagging of Books

RFID tags are discreetly placed inside the front cover of books, concealed by a full-page sticker, and tagged using an RFID Reader. This process involves writing the tag's EPC code and accession numbers to the tag memory, making the book ready for all RFID operations. Patrons are provided with UHF-RFID ID cards for seamless access. Additionally, the integrated library automation software enables self-automated issue-return (Check-in/out) of books for patrons.

Anti Theft

RFID Anti-Theft Portals are positioned at the library exit gate. These portals track books within a 3-meter range and trigger an alarm with red flashlights if a patron passes through with an unissued book. Capable of detecting multiple items simultaneously, this system offers highly accurate library security with minimal risk of false alarms.

Shelf Management

The Shelf Management System comprises a Mobile RFID Reader seamlessly integrated with library software. This enables rapid book searches and verification without requiring a direct line of sight. With an extensive read range of 3 meters, stock verification and book searching are effortlessly conducted, enhancing library efficiency.

DWS Document & Sensitive Waste Management Solutions
Large Scale Systems
Baling Systems
3.6x35, 2x30 mm
Professional Heavy Duty Shredding System

10.8x42-74, 5.9x35-50 + 10.8/5.9mm
120-180 sheets (A4/A3) 70 g/m2
90-150 sheets (A4/A3) 80 g/m2


5.9x35-50 + 10.8/5.9mm
130-250 sheets (A4/A3) 70 g/m2
110-180 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


10.8x42-74, 7.3x35-75, 5.9x35-50mm
150-650 sheets (A4)/A3) 70g/m2
120-450 sheets (A4/A3) 80 g/m2

Professional Office Shredding System

3.6x35, 2x30mm
10-25 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
8-20 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


30-35 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
20-25 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


2x15 mm
20-25 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
20-25 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2

DWS Data Destruction & Degaussing Solutions
Disintegration System
Professional HDD Shredding System
Degaussers & Combi Systems

Magnetic field intensity:


Magnetic field intensity:


Magnetic field intensity:

Managed Print Services (Peripherals & Services)
Tracking & Smart Management
Information Management & MDS
Security & Control