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HealthCare Solutions

El-Ajou is at the forefront of transforming modern healthcare through innovative technology solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge advancements, we enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency within the healthcare sector. Our technology integration enables seamless communication and data management for healthcare professionals, ultimately contributing to improved outcomes and experiences in the modern healthcare landscape.

Our Leading HealthCare Partner

4RemoteHealth is an innovative IoT SaaS platform revolutionizing the healthcare industry by allowing remote collaboration and interaction between medical professionals in real time, sharing the different signals from existing clinical devices, as well as voice, image, and video, in different highly complex clinical environments such as operating rooms, ICUs, ambulances and specialized consultations.

HealthCare Digital Branch Solutions
Appointment Scheduling Systems
Scheduling Systems

State-of-the-art solutions for seamless and efficient handling of appointments, bookings, and reservations, ensuring proper management of resources, space, and time.

Queuing Solutions
Queuing Solutions

Streamline customer flow and minimise wait times with efficient queuing systems.

Omni-Channel Marketing
Omni-Channel Marketing

A multi-channel approach to reach and engage customers across various platforms, while collecting feedback from multiple sources to improve offerings.

Hygiene & Temperature Control
Hygiene &
Temperature Control

Advanced hygiene and temperature control systems to regulate and purify the atmosphere.

Interactive Digital Signage
Digital Signage

Dynamic digital displays to inform, promote, and offer engaging experiences to visitors.

Self Service Machines
Self Service Machines

Provide customers with advanced and user-friendly self-service options for various transactions and inquiries.

Live Monitoring & Alerts
Live Monitoring
& Alerts

Real-time tracking and alerts to manage branch activities effectively.

Customer Identification
Customer Identification

Implement secure and convenient methods for customer identification.

Digital Workflow Solutions
Technology solutions that let you focus on your patients

El-Ajou's Digital Workflow Organization offers next-generation Print Systems seamlessly integrated with existing healthcare software and systems. Our Enterprise printers, certified by Cerner and easily integrated with Epic software, are designed to harmonize with any existing technology infrastructure.

This ensures that regardless of the system in use, our solution suite provides users with complete control over printing and scanning operations across the entire medical organization.

Key Print Technologies
Multifunctional Printers

The healthcare sector requires specialized printing solutions tailored to its diverse needs. El-Ajou Digital Workflow offers a comprehensive portfolio perfectly aligned with these requirements. Our intelligent device range caters to mobility, productivity, and security needs, seamlessly integrating with the healthcare workflow from the intuitive Smart Operational Panel of the devices.

ID Card Printing solutions for the medical and healthcare sector

By issuing your own ID badges on plastic cards, you can immediately and securely identify all groups of people:
  • Health professionals (doctors, nurses, and midwives)
  • Administrative employees, patients, and visitors
  • Medical equipment and other goods
In addition to visual identification, it is possible to integrate several other functions on the same badge, such as:
  • Access control to certain sensitive areas
  • Automatic management of employee time and attendance
  • dematerialized payment for meals & other self services

Label Printing Solutions for the Health Industry

El-Ajou's DWS Healthcare Printers bolster patient care from admission to discharge. Built with medical-grade, disinfectant-ready materials, they ensure safe cleaning between uses. These printers, alongside healthcare labels and wristbands, streamline tasks like sample labeling, supply tracking, patient identification, and inventory management. Our office range includes Label Printers, Wristband Printers, Mobile Printers, Receipt Printers, and RFID Tags, providing comprehensive solutions for healthcare facilities.

Advance Labeling System for the Health Industry

This product line has particularly advanced features to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Protects and checks pharmaceutical products (vials, cases and bottles). 

  • Label applicators
  • Realtime print and apply
  • Batch print & apply
  • Labelling systems
  • Pharmaceutical labelers
  • Semi automatic labelers

Integrated 3D Printing Solution for Medical Industry

Additive manufacturing is transforming the medical industry, enabling faster production and widespread access to personalized guides, prostheses, and implants. DWS – El-Ajou offers professional 3D printing systems for biocompatible metal and plastic parts, including implantable endopirostheses, prototypes, surgical templates, and guides.

Porous tantalum knee implant

Prototyping in surgery

Dentistry applications 

Full Managed Print for Health Services

DWS Advance Full Managed Print Service for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

  • Pro-active management of healthcare printing devices
  • Customized solution to meet the specific printing/service needs of each function  
  • Integration with HIS
  • Proactive Fleet Management
  • Secure Printing & Follow me
  • Emission free Print Technologies for Sensitive Departments
  • Management of Total Print Fleet
  • Data Erase & Transition Services
  • Integration with Asset Management & Tagging Services
  • Cloud or OnPrem Solution
  • Multi-Site High Availability deployment Capabilities
  • Kingdom wide Support Services
  • Integration With Helpdesk Services
  • On-Site Buffer Stock Storage Services  
  • Integration with Patient Record Management

A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for H-Pharma

DWS El-Ajou goes beyond offering cutting-edge Cloud ESL systems by tailoring Electronic Labelling System features specifically for Health-Pharma industries. Our solution enhances ERP management and elevates customer service, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance for healthcare and pharmaceutical operations.

Automated Medical Asset Management System

With the health sector embracing smart health initiatives for patient-centered care, the need for automated Asset tracking solutions has become evident. Such solutions streamline procurement, tracking, usage, and maintenance from a centralized platform, reducing costs and enhancing workflow transparency crucial in healthcare. Transitioning to smart health requires comprehensive automation, spanning patient care to hospital asset management.

Healthcare & Accessibility Solution  

Digital accessibility is essential in healthcare to ensure all patients can access necessary medical care. Prioritizing user experience is crucial, as it enables equitable access for all individuals.

DWS Accessibility Solution offers high levels of automation and seamless integration into any healthcare environment. The platform provides software solutions and tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of the healthcare sector, ensuring efficient and inclusive patient care.

Information Capture Workflows

El-Ajou offers robust data capturing and document processing solutions encompassing both hardware and software components. These systems are highly flexible and customizable to accommodate business processes of varying complexities. While many tasks can be addressed without intricate workflows, our systems feature a built-in document processing pipeline that operates seamlessly out of the box, eliminating the need for specialized configuration skills.

Information Management for HealthSector

DWS El-Ajou provides an advanced Suite of Healthcare Automation and Management Systems, augmented by Big Data capabilities. By integrating predictive analysis of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), these solutions facilitate high-quality service delivery through proactive measures and accurate estimation of future admission rates. Leveraging AI technology, healthcare institutions, including hospitals and clinics, can streamline workflow and effortlessly manage patient data, optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing overall care standards.

Just like in any other industry, digital transformation has a positive impact on the healthcare sector, and it has become a top priority for medical professionals.
  • Digitize paper records, email correspondences and more, for instant retrieval providing administrative staff with information they need to create to keep the organization running efficiently.

  • Store patient records and associated documents electronically to save office space.

  • Create public-facing e-forms to quickly collect pre-visit patient information.

  • Restrict unauthorized viewing of confidential documents and develop guidelines to protect client privacy.

  • Prove compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Counter cyber threats with state-of-the-art encryption of data, Automatically enforce retention schedules of financial documents, employee records, patient files and more.

  • Implement a user-friendly solution that flexes with the needs of multiple departments without adding work for the IT team.

  • With an option of Cloud Services, save significant budget on hardware and IT time.

  • Protect against natural disasters with a fail-safe disaster recovery plan.

DWS Digital to Physical Workflow  
End to End Managed Document Services &
Solutions Profile for the Health Sector
DWS Document & Pharmacy Waste Management Solutions
Large Scale Systems
Baling Systems
3.6x35, 2x30 mm
Professional Heavy Duty Shredding System

10.8x42-74, 5.9x35-50 + 10.8/5.9mm
120-180 sheets (A4/A3) 70 g/m2
90-150 sheets (A4/A3) 80 g/m2


5.9x35-50 + 10.8/5.9mm
130-250 sheets (A4/A3) 70 g/m2
110-180 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


10.8x42-74, 7.3x35-75, 5.9x35-50mm
150-650 sheets (A4)/A3) 70g/m2
120-450 sheets (A4/A3) 80 g/m2

Professional Office Shredding System

3.6x35, 2x30mm
10-25 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
8-20 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


30-35 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
20-25 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


2x15 mm
20-25 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
20-25 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2

DWS Data Destruction & Degaussing Solutions
Disintegration System
Professional HDD Shredding System
Degaussers & Combi Systems

Magnetic field intensity:


Magnetic field intensity:


Magnetic field intensity:

Managed Print Services (Peripherals & Services)
Tracking & Smart Management
Information Management & MDS
Security & Control