Refining the Banking Experience

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Smart Spaces Solutions
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Digital Workflow Solutions
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Banking Solutions

Among our transformative strategies, the concept of digital branches serves as a dynamic approach, harnessing the latest technologies and solutions to streamline customer interactions, boost engagement, and create an ideal environment where our clients can thrive.

We Offer 100% Efficient Digitalization for all  Branches

Key Solutions
Appointment Scheduling Systems
Scheduling Systems

State-of-the-art solutions for seamless and efficient handling of appointments, bookings, and reservations, ensuring proper management of resources, space, and time.

Queuing Solutions
Queuing Solutions

Streamline customer flow and minimise wait times with efficient queuing systems.

Omni-Channel Marketing
Omni-Channel Marketing

A multi-channel approach to reach and engage customers across various platforms, while collecting feedback from multiple sources to improve offerings.

Hygiene & Temperature Control
Hygiene &
Temperature Control

Advanced hygiene and temperature control systems to regulate and purify the atmosphere.

Interactive Digital Signage
Digital Signage

Dynamic digital displays to inform, promote, and offer engaging experiences to visitors.

Self Service Machines
Self Service Machines

Provide customers with advanced and user-friendly self-service options for various transactions and inquiries.

Live Monitoring & Alerts
Live Monitoring
& Alerts

Real-time tracking and alerts to manage branch activities effectively.

Customer Identification
Customer Identification

Implement secure and convenient methods for customer identification.

Digital Workflow Solutions
Full Managed Print Services

The financial and banking sector stands as a cornerstone in the Kingdom's endeavor to diversify its economy, recognized as the most dynamic in the region. Leveraging our extensive experience in finance and banking, DWS El-Ajou is adept at navigating the challenges within your organization, delivering cost-saving print solutions while fortifying the security of your data and documents. With an expanded coverage across the Kingdom, DWS ensures the high availability service requirements crucial for the banking sector.

Output Management & Other advance Services

Secure Printing & Compliance with SAMA regulations Asset Tagging & onboarding  Services Devices Replacement Services

Total Fleet Management

Our Full Managed Print Services encompass a wide array of banking-relevant technologies, handling multiple brands and products under a single, advanced umbrella service. We streamline printing infrastructure, boosting efficiency and productivity for banks.
Print Hardware Portfolio:

  • Intelligent MFPs fully integrated with Document workflows
  • Centralized & Decentralized Card Printing & Issuance Systems
  • Teller Printers
  • MICR Printers
  • Line Printers
  • Centralized Reprographic Print Workflows
Multi-Purpose Kiosks Solutions

El-Ajou's DWS Interactive Kiosk solutions offer a seamless customer experience with versatile functionality. These intelligent terminals cater to various business needs, such as Smart Banking, Queue Management, Ordering & Self-Checkout, Customer Registration, loyalty Management, Way finding directories, Employee documents, and utilities payment, among others.

  • High-Definition Touch Screen
  • Card Reader
  • Barcode/QR code reader
  • Thermal Printer
  • Biometrics Reader
  • Facial Camera
  • Deposit box
  • Pin pad
  • Anti-peeping screen
  • Human Sensor
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Windows/Android OS
  • Integration with Omni-
    Channel Solutions
End to End Check Clearing Solution

Numerous banks are enhancing check clearing processes, and DWS El-Ajou provides a comprehensive Check Scanning & Sortation system tailored to a bank's specific workflows, covering all compensation phases from submission at the teller line to reaching the beneficiary account.

Check Scanners & Sortation Systems
  • Access Rights
  • Error Access Rights
  • Session Access Rights
  • Session Operation Type Access Rights
  • Branch Access Rights
Customer Communication Management Solution Creating effortless, omni-channel banking experiences

El-Ajou offers cutting-edge communication solutions for compliant and meaningful customer interactions across all business channels.

Our end-to-end CCM solution streamlines the entire communications lifecycle, from design to delivery, seamlessly integrating with diverse systems and legacy applications. This platform facilitates personalized, omni-channel customer communications, combining efficiency with flexibility.

Unlike other vendors in the CCM space fixated solely on omni-channel output, Emphasis prioritizes enriching the customer experience (CX) across a diverse range of channels.

Financial Services  & Accessibility Solution  

Enabling digital accessibility in the banking sector is essential for providing seamless services to all clients, regardless of their access capabilities. Prioritizing user experience is paramount in this endeavor.

DWS Accessibility Solution offers comprehensive automation and seamless integration into any banking environment. The platform includes software solutions and a range of tailored services to meet the document accessibility needs of the banking sector, ensuring efficient and inclusive service delivery.

End to End Managed Document Services &
Solutions Profile for the Banking Sector
DWS Digital to Physical Workflow  

DWS enables Financial Services to conduct business faster with intelligent automation technologies including process mining. Intelligent document processing, Robotic Process Automation, Content Management to transform financial document data into actionable outcomes & key processes.

DWS Document & Sensitive Waste Management Solutions
Large Scale Systems
Baling Systems
3.6x35, 2x30 mm
Professional Heavy Duty Shredding System

10.8x42-74, 5.9x35-50 + 10.8/5.9mm
120-180 sheets (A4/A3) 70 g/m2
90-150 sheets (A4/A3) 80 g/m2


5.9x35-50 + 10.8/5.9mm
130-250 sheets (A4/A3) 70 g/m2
110-180 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


10.8x42-74, 7.3x35-75, 5.9x35-50mm
150-650 sheets (A4)/A3) 70g/m2
120-450 sheets (A4/A3) 80 g/m2

Professional Office Shredding System

3.6x35, 2x30mm
10-25 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
8-20 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


30-35 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
20-25 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2


2x15 mm
20-25 sheets (A4) 70 g/m2
20-25 sheets (A4) 80 g/m2

DWS Data Destruction & Degaussing Solutions
Disintegration System
Professional HDD Shredding System
Degaussers & Combi Systems

Magnetic field intensity:


Magnetic field intensity:


Magnetic field intensity:

Key cabinets, lockers, software and more
Enforce two-person authentication

Support your processes by ensuring the same individual cannot gain access to both vault keys required for dual control

Automate record keeping

Enforce users to log the reason as to why they need that key or equipment and reduce manual record keeping

Automatic alerts

Create alerts when keys haven't been returned within the agreed window

Managed Print Services (Peripherals & Services)
Tracking & Smart Management
Information Management & MDS
Security & Control