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  • High-end Continuous Feed Printing Systems

  • Book On Demand Solutions

  • Large Format Professional Printing Systems

  • High-end 3D Printing System

  • Elogistics Packing & Wrapping Systems

  • Elogistics Parcel Sortation Systems

  • High Shredding, Disintegration & Waste Management Workflows

  • High-end Labelling Systems

HES Solutions & Services (Connect)
  • Integration with Exam Processing & Print Management Solution

  • Integration with Digital Processing Workflows

  • Integration with 3D Workflows

  • Integration with Professional Cutting & Finishing Systems

  • Integration with Customer Communication Platform

El-Ajou High End Production & Processing solutions truly Empower to help you do more with less.
Museum Storage System
Museum Systems

Designing an art storage facility should prioritize preserving the collection while ensuring accessibility. Conservation goes beyond storing objects; it safeguards knowledge within treasures. With the continuous growth of history collections, efficient space use is crucial.

Healthcare Storage System

Efficient healthcare storage systems maximize space, storing 100% more than traditional methods and reducing floor space needs by up to 75%, benefiting patient care and reducing environmental impact.

Warehouse Storage System

Supply chains and logistics are fragile; maintaining sufficient stock is crucial for business continuity. Maximizing warehouse storage can significantly reduce operational costs and environmental footprint compared to building extensions.

Vertical Farming
Vertical Farming

Our high-density mobile vertical farming systems optimize space for growing various crops, including lettuce, greens, mushrooms, and medical cannabis. Using sustainable materials like Bruynzeel SteelGuard®, our flexible and durable designs cater to unique project needs, maximizing yield per cubic meter/foot.

Retail Storage System

Retail is evolving rapidly with shops transforming into experience centers. Changing sales models and increasing global consumption demand efficient retail store storage solutions. Adaptable retail shelving units optimize space, lower costs, and reduce environmental impact, offering a customizable and fashionable storage solution.