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Smart Spaces Solutions
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Digital Workflow Solutions
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Digital Workflow Solutions
DWS Full Managed Print Services

DWS-Managed Print Services provides a suite of robust tools designed to monitor data access and optimize the printing and document creation workflow. This integration with data security is crucial in light of the evolving tactics of cybercriminals. By leveraging MPS, you can identify and address potential security gaps, gaining control over who accesses print jobs. This proactive approach enables you to preemptively thwart data breaches. With DWS-Managed Print Services, you benefit from advanced cybersecurity measures and secure devices that are resistant to hacking attempts. A Managed Print Services contract establishes a structured framework for managing cyberattacks, offering you peace of mind and robust defense against potential threats.

Multi-Brand, Multi-Product, Multi-Site Print Services

The primary challenge within this industry lies in managing a diverse print fleet across multiple sites and brands. DMS Print Services addresses this challenge by offering a phased deployment or replacement approach, seamlessly assuming control of the entire print fleet. Our Full Managed Service goes a step further, integrating withAsset Management and Document-level Security Solutions for comprehensive support. With DWS boasting 18 service locations, we provide extensive coverage across the Kingdom, ensuring reliable and efficient service delivery.

Key Technologies Covered are:

  • Label Printers
  • Card Printers
  • MFPs
  • Special Adhesive Printing
  • Wide Format Printing
Drone in Box for Oil & Gas

Our cutting-edge drone-in-a-box systems offer autonomous flight capabilities, whether tethered or untethered, utilizing advanced autopilot technology. Easily deployable from our lightweight, portable ground stations, drones can be initiated using any edge device or autonomously launched based on predetermined schedules or triggered by ground-based sensors.

  • Technology is compatible with Milestone and Genetec Video Management Systems (VMS)
  • Drones are prepared to be deployed in under 60 seconds. Typical drones will fly up to 50 km/h

Drone operations are fully automated, from the airspace checks, to the automated takeoff, the drone flight, the landing and recharging procedures. The end-to-end operation is automated to reduce dependency on the end user.


System scan be deployed and operated through secure internet infrastructure. Through an online app, end-users can receive and share the video feed, upload missions and take control when necessary.


Systems are designed for the rugged environment - waterproof and wind-resistant, with internal heating and cooling systems to ensure that we can operate in the heat and snow.

Automated Asset Management for Oil & Gas
  • Asset Management Solution Software

  • RFID and 2D supported Solution

  • Capability to conduct audit process

  • Multilevel category should be support

  • User Access control based on role

  • Integration with ERP should be seamless

  • Depreciation details and reports is required

  • Ease of transferring assets between entities

  • Multiple entity and transfers between entity should be supported

  • Mobile can be used for audit, transfer and other basic needs

  • Hybrid model supporting both legacy assets and new RFID assets

  • Multi-level location structure

  • Different custom reports to be supported

  • Email notification feature is a must

  • Multi-level workflow approval

  • Inventory of non-assets can be managed

  • Multiple quantity asset and partial quantity disposal criteria to be handled

  • Support one or multiple image

  • Digital signature if possible

  • Provide best practice as per industry experience

  • Location scanning feature

DWS Information Management Solution  for Oil & Gas

Information Management System in the Oil, Gas and Energy industry had considerably improves companies' operations and safety. DWS offers solutions that enable you to improve the processes in place while maintaining your industry compliance.

  • Consolidate the Company's Data into its computer systems by Scanning its log films and drawing

  • Implement a structured schedule to rotate the Company's Data across various locations

  • Archive and secure the Company’s private Data and drawings

The most critical requirements businesses in Oil &Gas
Compliance and Security

First and foremost, compliance with industry regulations and stringent security measures is non-negotiable.

Version Control and Collaboration

In aerospace and defense, document version control is vital to prevent errors and ensure everyone is working with the latest revisions

Search and Retrieval Capabilities

In documentation-heavy sectors, efficient search systems are crucial. Look for software with advanced search, metadata tagging, and OCR for scanned documents.

Integration with Existing Systems

Compatibility with existing software and systems is crucial for seamless integration. Ensure the document management software can connect with the organization’s ERP.

Scalability and Flexibility

As the defense sector expands, the demand for efficient document management grows alongside the necessity for flexible access options like mobile accessibility.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting the documents from data loss is critical. Ensuring that the document management software includes robust data backup and disaster recovery capabilities

Record Management in Oil & Gas

The DWS-Records solution offers a hybrid records management package capable of managing both physical and electronic archives seamlessly. It consolidates all enterprise archives into a single secure access point, regardless of format. This hybrid system efficiently organizes and oversees the retention and disposal of all organizational information, regardless of its storage form.

Moreover, our Record Management Solutions are enhanced with the security of an End-to-End File/Document Tracking Solution, seamlessly integrated with the physical storage system. DWS ensures a smooth transition process from physical to digital, culminating in a comprehensive tracking solution, all fully managed by our team.

Strict control with total accountability

Our weapons lockers, constructed on a flexible and modular framework, are tailored to suit your specific equipment inventory and management requirements. Offering various compartment configurations, they can accommodate handguns, rifles, ammunition, protective vests, and more, or consolidate all necessary equipment behind a single door assigned to each officer.

Installed centrally, our systems seamlessly complement your existing armory, providing per-firearm access control, tracking, and reporting capabilities. Alternatively, they can be strategically distributed across your property to facilitate swift emergency response, all while maintaining centralized control and visibility of all activities.

Strict Authentication
Per-item Tracking
24/7 Visibility
Key Management Solution

Our top-tier solution is the trusted choice for securing and tracking physical keys, relied upon by Defense & Security institutions worldwide. With our system, you have the authority to specify who can access the system, which keys they can utilize, and for what duration. This comprehensive control is coupled with centralized oversight, providing visibility of all activities from any authorized device on your network.

This heightened level of security extends to your facilities, vehicles, and operations, ensuring unparalleled protection. Manage a wide array of assets, including facility keys, fleet vehicles, secure areas, armories, data racks, visitor badges, and more, with total process control and auditing capabilities to adhere to your stringent access protocols.

High-End Shredding, Degaussing & Waste Management Solutions

DWS Provides different professional shredders and data security degaussing systems.

  • Data Security Degaussing Solutions

  • Office and Professional Shredding Equipment

  • Industrial Shredding, Balers

  • Material Sorting Systems

Paper Recycling Process

Benefit from a revolutionary technology

Introducing PaperLab, the world's first in-office paper secure recycler, pioneering a breakthrough technology known as Dry Fiber Technology. This innovative system transforms waste paper into new paper through a virtually dry process. With PaperLab, your business can securely destroy sensitive information, recycle paper, minimize its societal and environmental footprint, and gain control over paper supplies—all within your office environment.

Managed Print Services (Peripherals & Services)
Tracking & Smart Management
Information Management & MDS
Security & Control