Retail operations across multiple locations generate significant paperwork, encompassing transaction receipts, inventory reports, sales flyers, training materials, and administrative paperwork. This diverse print ecosystem poses unique challenges for IT professionals in the retail industry, distinct from those encountered in other sectors.
Common Retail Print Management Challenges
  • Number of Locations
  • Managing Remote Sites
  • Expenses on Printer Servers &Remote Print Servers
  • Unreliable Deployments
  • Tracking Costs at Multiple Levels
  • Managing availability of Consumables
  • Managing Service Agreements with multiple Partners
  • Operational Uptime
  • Low Visibility across the Fleets/Assets
  • High ratio of Local Printers
  • Outsourcing of Promotional & Advertisement Materials
  • High Amount of Print Waste
  • Low/Limited response to Change of Materials/Designs  

Full Managed Print Cloud Services for Retail

  • Effectively manage costs and increase uptime across your operations using a single system to provide visibility and control
  • Identify problem areas and drive continuous improvement with governance metrics by shop, distribution centre and office locations on the Cloud.
  • Increases savings and productivity by up to 40% through solution recommendations, professional implementation and customer support services
  • A platform which provides cloud-based apps and document workflow integration across devices. Connect MFDs to popular third-party cloud services, so that important information becomes instantly accessible.

Full Managed Professional Print Services for Retail

El-Ajou enables Retail Organizations to have a Complete in house setup for their Professional Printing needs, Flyers, Out/In Door Print Displays, Label Printing and many more. Total Operational services are Provided.

Dot Matrix to Cut sheet & paperless transformation workflow for Retail

Electronic Shelf Labeling System for Retail

The latest generation of ESLs harnesses next-generation technology, integrating ESL Communication, Wi-Fi, and IoT systems. These advancements empower stores to leverage full digital functionalities without the need for server installations. Revolutionize your business model with the cutting-edge Cloud Electronic Shelf Labels System.

Automated Fixed Asset Management System for Retail

In retail, diverse fixed assets—from point-of-sale systems to fixtures—are crucial for a seamless shopping experience. Effective asset management is vital for accurate financial records and operational efficiency. DWS's solution automates asset tracking and depreciation, ensuring precise reporting. Real-time visibility allows retailers to identify underutilized assets, enabling strategic decisions to optimize utilization and reduce costs.

This solution facilitates lifecycle management, fostering efficiency and minimizing maintenance expenses and asset obsolescence risks.

Information Management for the Retail Sector  
  • Synchronization of booking data

  • Synchronization of Master data

  • Reconciliation of purchase requisitions

  • Other cloud applications

  • Monitored folders in your filesystem

  • Other enterprise software in your organization

  • Your Email

  • Your Scanner

  • Your smartphone

The Retail industry grapples with the challenges of manual document management procedures, prompting the need for streamlined solutions. Automation emerges as a cost-effective remedy, particularly in finance-related processes such as Accounts Payable for merchandise and internal expenses, as well as the digital conversion and cloud retrieval of Bills of Lading and Human Resource records. In today's evolving business landscape, where remote work is prevalent, automation and cloud solutions enable uninterrupted operations despite administrative tasks being conducted remotely.

Full Managed Document for the Retail Sector

Retail businesses struggle with managing large volumes of paper-based information, leading to issues like document loss, misfiling, and storage costs. Digitization offers a solution, but knowing where to start can be daunting with daily accumulations of paper documents. Sorting and processing these documents is time-consuming and costly, causing production delays.

DWS-El-Ajou Professional provides outsourcing solutions for converting paper documents to digital format. Our professional document scanning process offers bulk scanning services with quick turnaround times. Electronic documents are easier to manage, retrieve, and process efficiently, covering a wide range of document types.

Smart lockers providing access control & intelligent tracking for critical assets in Retail

DWS offers tailored smart lockers designed to meet the precise asset management requirements of retail environments. With various system and compartment sizes available, our lockers feature RFID-enabled per-item identification, integrated device charging, and other customizable options.

Our administration software provides a comprehensive suite of management tools, allowing you to regulate access, monitor and track usage, and streamline daily processes related to equipment utilization effectively.

Key Management Solution for Retail
Automate the management of keys and equipment for greater efficiency,
improved visibility, and total accountability
Facility keys

Traka helps manage and track access to every key in your facility, protecting your offline openings, forklifts, machinery and equipment, dock doors, management offices, mechanical rooms, IT and server rooms, and more.

Fleet vehicles

Control and monitor vehicle access to increase driver accountability, ensure even utilization, and create safer loading processes, while leveraging dedicated features to track vehicle mileage, fuel levels, parking location, and vehicle faults

Process control

Traka can help drive the critical workflows that keep your operation safe, secure and efficient by integrating with existing access control or security platforms, work order systems, and more.

Managed Print Services (Peripherals & Services)
Tracking & Smart Management
Information Management & MDS
Security & Control