El-ajou’s Range of Information Management Solutions & Managed Document Services broadens the possibilities within the information Governance discipline.

  • Intelligent Document Imaging & Processing
  • Content Services Platform
  • E-correspondence
  • Case Management
  • Intelligent Process Automation
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • Data Migration & Backlog Services
  • SaaS Offering
Managed Document Services:
  • Integration with Physical Fixed Asset Management  
  • Integration with Physical File & Media Storage Systems
  • Integration with Tracking Systems
  • Integration with Key Management
  • Integration with Customer Communication Platform
  • Integration with Cheque Clearing Systems
  • Integration with Document & Media Shredding Services
  • Integration with Record Management

El-Ajou Provides consultations across streamlining Collaborations & seamless integration in to existing systems with a complete portfolio of Hardware, Software & professional services