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Material Handling Solutions

In an era of booming eCommerce sales and persistent supply chain challenges, our commitment to innovation is evident. The advent of smart warehousing has enabled us to revolutionize operations, allowing seamless communication flow inventory and automated picking processes. Our forward-looking approach positions us at the forefront of the warehouse of the future, where technology is not just a vision but a reality.

Our key Storage Partners

You want to reduce your company storage space and increase productivity? Our dynamic storage and retrieval systems, developed and manufactured by Kardex Remstar, significantly improve the efficiency of your working practice.

The levels of automation, density and performance can be adjusted exactly to the requirements of your business processes and the goods you want to store.

Pick orders in the quickest and most direct sequence in dynamic storage systems, achieve a noticeable reduction in picking times, tap into valuable storage resources, and boost productivity.

Automated Storage Solutions and Material Handling Systems by Kardex Remstar
Vertical Carousel Module (VCM)
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  • For light, medium-sized and heavy loads

  • Order Picking

  • Storage

  • A central warehouse or material flow solution

  • Minimal space requirements and optimal usage of room height

  • Modular design guarantees investment security and future adaptability

  • Weight reduction of up to 50% compared to previous model

  • Energy efficiency through the combination of drive motor, transmission and frequency inverter

Advantages at a glance
  • Space & Energy saving

  • Highspeed

  • Individuality and flexibility

  • Quality and efficiency

  • Security

Vertical Buffer Module (VBM)
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  • Order Picking

  • Buffer storage

  • Small and lightweight goods

  • Slow-moving parts management

  • One or more access openings

  • Mini-load bins, trays and other loading equipment

  • Shelf system with an aisle

  • Automatic handling system

  • Logistics and picking software

  • Capacitive touch screen

  • Additional: Frame Picking Solution

Advantages at a glance
  • More efficient order picking

  • Energy efficiency by design

  • Lightning-quick access

  • Flexible arranging of stock

  • Comfortable picking

  • Simple integration

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)
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  • For light weight and heavy goods

  • Order Picking

  • Storage

  • Smallest footprint with optimal use of room height

  • Modular design guarantees investment security and future adaptability

  • Stand alone solution or extension to multi-unit installation

  • Floorspace savings of up to 80% compared to conventional storage methods

Advantages at a glance
  • Saves space

  • Saves time

  • Fast picking sequences

  • High speeds

  • Security of goods

  • Healthy and safe working

Horizontal Carousel Module (HCM)
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  • Production or distribution

  • For applications with high retrieval rates

  • Fast-and slow-moving goods

  • Optimized transport and storage times

  • Reliable and low maintenance storage system

  • High speed

  • High pick accuracy with pick- and put-to-light systems

  • Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Rapid, direct and reliable access

Advantages at a glance
  • High picking performance and no waiting times through batch picking

  • High picking accuracy

  • Time saving

  • 24/7 availability

Heavy Duty Units
  • A TowerMat operates similar to a Vertical Lift Module. The TowerMat utilizes a stacker crane which transports long goods to an ergonomically positioned workstation. This system can be designed with one or two storage towers for maximum capacity. The TowerMat has flexibility for many different storage mediums from long goods to pallets and heavy tools.

  • The InterMat is a Vertical Carousel Module for round storage with unique requirements, for example, tires or cable reels. Operating as a traditional Vertical Carousel Module, the InterMat supports storage of up to 8,818 lbs per carrier. Delivering stored items, directly to an operator at an ergonomic height and reducing storage space of these round and heavy goods. In addition, the InterMat allows for flexible integration into your existing facility. Taking advantage of previously wasted overhead space, the InterMat can be installed as a bridge carousel above transit routes or in awkward corners to further increase efficiency.

Software & Controls
  • Tailored software packages based on professional advice

  • Rotatable and tilt-able control panel

  • Host interface for order management

  • Position signals: LED, Vario, TIC-Matrix, LED-/Laserpointer

  • RFID-Reader for user login

Advantages at a glance
  • Software-supported processes and checks (e.g. bar code checks)

  • More efficient use of dynamic and static storage systems

  • Functional scalability thanks to modular design

  • Security for investments and for the future, thanks to modern development environment

  • State-of-the-art IT architecture (client/server)

Our key Storage Partners

In a world where space is a scarce and valuable asset, we dedicate ourselves to help organisations to use space in the most efficient and effective way. As the footprint reduction company we achieve this by providing space creating solutions such as mobile shelving that contribute to a sustainable planet.


    Designing an art storage facility should prioritize both preserving the collection and ensuring accessibility. Efficient space utilization can dramatically reduce storage needs, leading to significant cost savings, increased collection space, and a positive environmental impact.
    In addressing the global challenge of preserving the planet for future generations, optimizing natural resource use and efficient space utilization are paramount. By reducing storage space by 75%, not only can costs be saved, but more room can be created, resulting in a positive environmental impact.
    Conservation transcends mere storage; it safeguards the knowledge embedded within treasures. With the ongoing expansion of historical collections, efficient space utilization becomes imperative. Reducing storage space by 75% not only yields cost savings but also enhances your collection and environmental footprint positively.
    Efficient space utilization is vital for preserving diverse cultures, particularly as resources become increasingly scarce. By reducing collection storage by 75%, more space can be freed up, costs can be lowered, and a positive environmental impact can be achieved.


    Retail is evolving rapidly with shops transforming into experience centers. Changing sales models and increasing global consumption demand efficient retail store storage solutions. Adaptable retail shelving units optimize space, lower costs, and reduce environmental impact, offering a customizable and fashionable storage solution.


    Efficient healthcare storage systems revolutionize space utilization, accommodating up to 100% more storage capacity than traditional methods. By minimizing floor space requirements by up to 75%, these systems not only enhance patient care but also contribute to a significant reduction in environmental impact.


    Supply chains and logistics are fragile; maintaining sufficient stock is crucial for business continuity. Maximizing warehouse storage can significantly reduce operational costs and environmental footprint compared to building extensions.

    Vertical Farming

    Our high-density mobile vertical farming systems optimize space for growing various crops, including lettuce, greens, mushrooms, and medical cannabis. Using sustainable materials like Bruynzeel SteelGuard®,our flexible and durable designs cater to unique project needs, maximizing yield per cubic meter/foot.

    Space saved
    Improvement in
    pick accuracy
    Stock accuracy
    Enhancement in
    picking productivity
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    Software Solutions

    Experience quicker selection and collection of items from their storage areas by using our smart solutions. This will help you save time, make the best use of your storage space, and get work done efficiently.

    Power Pick

    Power Pick Global is a modern, customer-centred software for warehouse management applications and retrieval networks on a global scale. Thanks to its modular design and innovative programming concept, you are ideally equipped to easily and flexibly adapt to your changing resource planning needs for years to come.